I went “Fujiya Honten(standing bar)” at Shibuya beause watching TV program. 二ヶ月くらい前にアド街で紹介されていた渋谷の立ち飲み屋「富士屋本店」に行ってきた(^_^)/

I went “Fujiya Honten(standing bar)” at Shibuya beause watching TV program.

You can get there crossing the footbridge the Shibuya Station south exit(a 3-minute walk)
2015-06-08 18.27.08_R

I’ve felt the atmosphere of hard to enter the bar because it looks like Suspicious underground..
2015-06-08 18.27.18_R

The bar is so crowded Though at 18:30. and I went the depth.
Today’s menu was wriiten on the blackborad.
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とりあえず、生ビール(450円), ハムキャ別(300円), まぐろブツ(350円)で1100円。安いといえば安い?

I’ve ordered “A glass of Beer(450yen)”, “Ham and Cabbege(300yen)”, “chunks of tuna(350yen)” 1100yen in total. it is cheap, or Not?
“Ham and Cabbege” tastes good! simple is best.
2015-06-08 18.31.35_R

生ビールのお代わり(450円), 揚げチーズはんぺん(350円), ねぎぬた(200円)で、ちょうど千円。
“another Beer(450yen)”, “Fried Cheese Fish-Cake(350yen)”, “neginuta = boiled leek with sour miso-dressing(200yen)” It’s just 1000yen in total.
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The structure of the bar is cooking area in the central, and around the inner couter, outer counter on the wall.
2015-06-08 18.47.50_R

Another one took snapshot.
2015-06-08 18.54.50_R

飲んで出てきたら外国人カップルがテキストだけのガイドブックを見て「Fujiya Honten?」みたいな感じだったけど、適当に指さしたら、なぜか横の店に入っていってしまった…。漢字が読めないと確かにキツそうだ。
The couple of foreigner reading guide book(text only) ask me “Fujiya Honten?” when I got out.
and I point properly the around, but They went to another bar why I don’t know.
It’s to hard getting this bar if you can not read KANJI(Japanese Word)
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